Types of Massage on Offer

I can offer a range of massages DEPENDING ON YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. This may mean I spend more time on one area of your body than another. It may be you just want a back massage with lots of shoulder work or you have a bad lower back. I choose individual oils specific to your needs.So you may need a rubefacient, analgesic and tonic oil.

I also do Indian Head Massage, very good for head aches.


Swedish massage

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is a form of alternative medicine that uses highly concentrated plant oils.

During a massage you inhale the essential oil and messages are transmitted to brain which can then affect your stress level, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, immune system, digestion, and even memory. As well as inhaling the oils they are also absorbed through the skin.

Each essential oil has different healing properties.

For example some calm while others energize.
Here are some widely used essential oils and their properties:

  • energizing -   rosemary, ginger, black pepper
  • calming -     chamomile, lavender, geranium
  • cleansing -    rosemary, juniper, basil
  • uplifting -     bergamot, rose ,lime, orange
  • decongesting - eucalyptus, pine, tea tree


Swedish Massage

This massage starts off with relaxing strokes, moving onto kneading, friction and tapping movements. It is effective for most ailments and has many health benefits as well as being extremely relaxing. I can tailor you're your massage to suit your requirements, focusing on areas of pressure or tightness. Or you may want a less intense massage which involves more relaxing movements. You do not need to have a full body massage, I also offer back, foot and hand massages.


   indian head massage for heads, necks and shoulders.

Indian Head Massage

During this ancient therapy massage I concentrate on the head, neck and shoulders. It attacks stress on a direct level by encouraging the supply of oxygen to the brain, which promotes healing. Both firm and gentle sequences of massage loosen knotted muscles and relieving tension. It is safe and simple, yet very effective.